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On this blog I would like to share everything about my favourite shops, restaurants, bars, events and sights in Rotterdam and The Hague. Two totally different cities that are so close to each other but still maintain their own characters.

Who am I?

Hi, I am Femke. I grew up in a little village and feel blessed I can enjoy the urban vibes now. During my childhood I travelled with my parents and already back then a travel addiction was born. I love to discover new places, explore different cultures and move of the beaten track. As a child I’d liked to cycle around the little village and explore new roads and places. Nowadays I still enjoy my free days strolling around streets I’ve never been, and take pictures of every journey I go on.

Tour Guide

Before I’m going on a journey a lot of research has already been done. I’m that kind of person that does careful research about places to visit and I try to find a convenient route on the map. All to be sure I don’t miss a hotspot. My friends call me their tour guide who is always walking in front with the map. The authentic experience during a journey is also very important, so when anything exciting pops up I’ll go for it.


If you have any questions, suggestions or tips please send me an email.

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