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Sensational sweets from Pâtisserie Jarreau
Sensational sweets from Pâtisserie Jarreau
4 years ago

Sensational sweets from Pâtisserie Jarreau

Every time I walk by this shop in The Hague I’m attracted by the colorful sweets they are selling. Like children staring at a toy shop window. My boyfriend’s birthday gave me the reason, I’ve visited this heavenly shop!

When entering the shop you will immediately be overwhelmed. They have plenty of home made bonbons and macarons which are beautifully displayed. They both come in lots of flavours to choose from and you can pick and mix your own box with any combination.


Jarreau’s Perfectionism

Because this was my first visit I wanted to taste as much different flavors as possible. I was helped very well making my choice from the good looking assortment and chose some cherry, chocolate and raspberry pastries to share. They were sensational, full of flavor, great crust and mouthwatering mousse. These were not just sweets for our afternoon tea. These little pieces of art are created with passion and care, and that you can taste!

I’d like to cook and bake something every now and then and I don’t hesitate to try something new. But it doesn’t matter how hard I try, it will never look as good as Jarreau’s beautiful pies. Perfect and balanced in every aspect. I definitely want to try one of these myself next time!

De gebakjes bij Jarreau zien er prachtig uit!

Award Winning Pastry Chef

Off course I’m not the only one who’s enthusiastic about their master pieces, the shop in The Hague is actually quite busy on a daily basis. Maybe because they are not only price winning in The Netherlands, but also globally. I really liked the visit of Bart de Gans, one of their former employees, to the Dutch television show De Wereld Draait Door where he shows his edible master piece and explained the process to create it. Do you want to improve your skills or try to make these sweets yourself? They are organizing workshops!

Jarreau is using pure and natural ingredients and they leave all unnecessary out. I’m really looking forward to their Sinterklaas and Christmas assortment, this time I’m not going to wait that long for my next visit anymore.


Pâtisserie Jarreau

Where: Van Hoytemastraat 42, The Hague

PS: When you’re around, make sure you visit the delicacy shop Donato as well for great coffee, lunches and take away meals.

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    Hurrah, what a quality it is! Since mostly YouTube video tutorials have no pleasant feature, but this is in fact a fastidious quality video.

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